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About Home Inspections

A standard home inspection is a visual examination of the physical structure and major interior systems of a residential building consisting of one to four dwelling units. It should be understood that there are certain risks inherent in the purchase of property and a home inspection is inherently limited in its scope and depth. The information gained from a home inspection conforming to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standards of Practice will reduce some of those risks, but the home inspection is not intended to provide the client with protection from all of the risks involved.


An inspection can be likened to a physical exam by a physician. A home inspection is not to be confused with an appraisal, a building code inspection, a guarantee of any kind, and/or an insurance policy on the condition of the property.


During an inspection, the inspector will review the readily accessible exposed portions of the structure of the home, including the roof, the attic, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, basement, and foundation as well as the heating/air conditioning systems, interior plumbing and electrical systems for potential problems.


Home inspections are not intended to point out every small problem or any invisible or latent defect in a home. Most minor or cosmetic flaws, for example, should be apparent to the buyer without the aid of a professional.

What We Inspect

Here are some of the many items we will be looking at during your home inspection:


  • Foundation and support structure

  • Fireplaces

  • Roof Systems

  • Basement

  • Water Heater

  • Vents, Flashing and Trims

  • Electrical Components

  • Structural Integrity

  • Steps and Stairs

  • Heating System

  • Central Air Conditioning System

  • Walkway and Driveways

  • Plumbing System and Fixtures

  • Garages Doors, Safety Sensors and Openers

  • Surface Drainage

  • Windows and Doors

  • Gutters & Downspouts

  • Decks

  • Sump Pumps 

  • Roofs and Attics

  • Every Wall and Ceiling

  • And Much More!

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